The Speculation Spa’s Self-Censorship

Librorum Prohibitorum
Librorum Prohibitorum (

I practice self-censorship religiously because I live in fear I might say something that is not aligned with the dogma I am supposed to swallow without any questioning whatsoever in this ‘free’ world.

I am pretty sure this whole misunderstanding came from a simple misspelling in the original though, and they meant to say ‘the fee world’ actually.

All this hypocrisy… In North Korea there are a number of things clearly stipulated as taboo, and you know for certain you are not to talk about them if you have any esteem for your azz. Here in the fee world, yeah, you can apparently say whatever you want, but even as I write this nonsensical speculation, for instance, there’s a ton of servers analyzing it and storing it in shady places, not to mention that I am currently utilizing Word Press, a tool for fee from great lovers of feedom of speech, where even post edits are stored ad infinitum and, very likely, content is closely scrutinized and monitored.

It all comes down to being forced between two ‘choices’ or, better put, alternatives: open scrutiny and violent harrassment for practicing free speech in such (‘evil’) places like North Korea… or shady scrutiny and violent harrassment for practicing free speech in the ‘axis-of-evil’ fee world.

Now go back to this paragraph above and check the fluent, natural placement of those two terms: ‘open’ and ‘shady’, and see where they fall. :)  Ooops.

Freedom of speech is the right to communicate one’s opinions and ideas *without fear* of government retaliation or censorship. The term freedom of expression is sometimes used synonymously, but includes any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used.”

Fvck, I might have just been added to some obscure database that nobody knows about in Utah for feely saying the above, and so my secret profiling that nobody knows about will now start… or continue?  Whoa, who knows!

And here I was only speculating about why I don’t dare to speculate.  Oh well…

Prisons that you can’t see are still real prisons. Violent harrassment that you can’t see is still real violent harrassment.  But I guess people are still intoxicated, and can’t still see: sadly, we seem to be in for a long time… ‘The inmates of the fee world’. Ha!  On the other hand, the cowards and the bullies and their imbecile servants responsible for setting and mantaining them though… They are just that: cowards, bullies and imbecile servants, and that’s how they will be identified eternally.  Absurd alert: after all those ridiculous claims of progress and sophistication: Mere brutes in the dark ages…


PD: There has been quite a lot of very violent scrutiny and harrassment going for a long time, mainly via the Internet, and this has caused a hell of a lot of pain and suffering as well as heavy financial damage to millions of victims both in the fee and free world.  This is the result from giving the keys to the backbone of the Internet control to fvckturd psycopaths, which is what many activists worldwide were trying to prevent in the first place. The systems in place for performing this abuse are real, and apparently immune to liability because they are based on “virtual” reality, where, naturally, common concepts such as “time” are virtual too; thus there is ‘virtual past’ for instance, with artificial delays and insertions…  I.e., a past that is inherently “tweakable”, and therefore a mere tool that the bullies’ servants rely on for (both psychologically and physically) abusing, torturing and harrassing law-abiding citizens, while enjoying zero liability. Virtual reality is an old concept. Welcome to virtual-virtual reality in the new dark ages.

A virtual-virtual reality dialog:

“–Hey that fvcking bvtch just called me a ‘motherfvcking pervert fvcking pig’ –he said all troubled and with genuine signs of concern as he had no idea he did anything wrong.

–Why? What did you do?

–Absolutely nothing!  I was just looking at her watching her every move, listening hard to anything she said, making notes of every single thing she did and following her everywhere she went, but I NEVER EVER touched her or talked to her in the fvking slightest! Fvcking bvtch, doesn’t she know we live in the fee world here?”

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