About/I would say “welcome to my…” but…

I would say “welcome to my site/blog/whatever…” but I am just a brute, and such bvllshvt courtesy cannot be entertained here… No big reason, it just occurred to me right now. While I am not a pure brute in the true sense of the term… wait; I actually don’t have to explain myself either. Isn’t that great? (Think!, dvmn it! I repeat: isn’t that great?)

Read my speculations if you want.  Then go ahead and speculate on my speculations if you want. Or fvck off. Who cares, really.  All the web traffic is being sucked/devoured by fakeboo and similar propaganda-delivery “social” networks anyway.

And, as the site’s subtitle elegantly conveys, I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore.  After a long while of 78.01%-pure bvllshvt from everything and everybody, like the media (TV, magazines, newspapers, Internetz, etc), the so called “social networks”, the government, supposed friends, supposed lovers, supposed enemies, supposed allies and supposed adversaries, it is only natural that a man will discontinue giving a fvck. Or put clearer: No fvcks given here.

Or put clearer: No fvcks given here.

Anyway. The completely informal purpose of this blog is mainly to speculate in my own speculative style and brute-like tone on a number of topics that marginally interest me and thus exercise and in fact use my so-called freedom of speech.  After all, this is the one reason (out of two) I live here: because -at least in theory–  my freedom of speech is guaranteed by the Constitution.  My usual speculations dwell on:

  • Geopolitics.
  • Sound Design/Engineering/Synthesis. Music production, and related general studies with sound clip an patch examples, etc.
  • DIY Electronics and woodworking for music devices.
  • Poetry and Literature.
  • Angry remarks on antidemocratic and ‘freedom-raping’ practices by self-appointed “champions of Democracy and Freedom”, among which there are a lot of corrupt scum and Constitution rapists.
  • Continued use of the word “fvck” and derivatives, mostly for irrational emphasis, but likely due to some so-called “insecurities” or some other psyche shvt that I totally don’t give a rat’s ass about.
  • Something (anything goes) I deem beautiful.  Oh yeah, as a matter of fact potty-mouth, complex, refined brutes like myself do have a soft spot for beauty.
  • And basically whatever the fvck is on my mind at the time I bother to speculate

I think I mostly want to see how much freedom of speech I can exercise (like if it has an expiration date or a finite number of uses) before the crazies bring my site down or I get burnt alive like in the fvcking Dark Ages (seem like pure sunshine compared to today’s Darkness actually.)  Sure, it is not my intention per se to be incendiary or similar simply because I am too fvcking intelligent and bright for that, but I might speculate something along the way that might be deemed incendiary, and so I fvcking refuse [categorically, and in advance] to be deprived of such possibility just to please some sugar-coating bs greedy motherfvckers who certainly don’t give a fvck about my –or your– freedoms (but, on the contrary, work actively to take them away) even though True Freedom and Questioning Reality constitute the non-plus-ultra human raison d’etre.

Yeah, I somewhat would like to be left intact with my speculations to be honest, but the reality is (and I have personally experienced this numerous times) that the crazies actively seek to destroy our freedoms and our ability to question that we inherited from our ancestors who literally bled for said freedoms.

Why bother then?  Well, maybe –only maybe– one day true freedom will make its way as a clear concept into the currently retarded brains of the crazies by means of a constant and permanently-increasing number of speculators and other human forms of freedom of speech exercisers around the world (yeah, a big FVCK YOU to ALL social networks’ BOTS and BOT MANAGERS, you fvcking propaganda-carrying virus-like scum).

I firmly believe that when we have finally lost/given up our freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, to disassemble, to think, to dream, to dissent, to agree, to love what we want, to hate what we want… that is exactly when the world will not be worth living in anymore. So just like one of my favorite modern times’ Mexican philosophers and poets, Zack de la Rocha, used to put it:

“Fvck you, I won’t do what ya tell me…”

Naturally, I am no expert, but guess what… you are no expert either. Nobody is an expert actually, no matter the size of their bs machine guns or bs constituency. Hence this long and likely useless “About” rant text can barely aspire to be deemed yet another speculation in the vast ocean of speculations (AKA ‘mankind’) really; a mere insignificant notion that you probably will not understand, just like I don’t understand it…

… yet we try.


m127, Frozen Hill, March 2016